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March 1, 2018

AccelMotion begins pre-release of their newest DC Series of stepper-motor Driver/Controller modules: the DC2C 2A Chassis-Mount Driver/Controller. The compact powerful driver can be used alone or within a group of DC-series controller units, easily integrating into complete motion systems.

The DC2C is a robust and compact intelligent motor controller, with stepping control and powerful driver combined. The DC2C can drive stepper motors with programmable current levels from 0 to 2A, controlled from host-based scripts or internal programming memory; it can provide a wide range of standard user controls such as START, STOP, LIMITS, IntelligentHOME, JOGS, etc., but also includes programmable user inputs and outputs for maximum flexibility. For maintenance and reliability, the DC2C allows monitoring of motor drive voltage and internal temperature, and supports both a user-replaceable fuse as well as active overcurrent protections -- never destroy another motor driver!

The DC-series will span a wide range of drive voltages and currents, and will be available in motor- and chassis-mounted versions. DC-series units will provide a consistent communications and control language functionality, allowing up to 32 units to operate from the same host. With wide drive voltages and currents, easy configuration, high-speed communication, wide I/O voltage range, and powerful programming features, the DC-series can fill nearly every motion control requirement.