DC2M17 Cable Assembly













Cable assembly attached to DC2M17 case/board and motor

The DC2M17-CABLE is a complete wiring harness solution for the DC2M17 Driver/Controller Module. The harness is color-coded for quick and accurate installation, and is constructed of high-quality wiring components.


  • Cable Harness Set with mating connectors, for the DC2M17 Driver/Controller Module
  • 30 inches long, for easy reach to chassis or back panel
  • Flexible 22 AWG stranded copper wire leads
  • Color-coded wire for easy mistake-free installation
  • Three individual wiring bundles simplify connections
    • Power and Motor Connector
    • Communications Connector
    • Input/Output Connector
  • Pre-stripped wire ends for quick screw terminal connections
  • UL1007 rating:
    • Voltage: 300V
    • temperature:  -40 to 105 C


Technical Information
DC2M17 Cable Datasheet PDF icon