DC2M17 Case


The DC2M17-CASE is a Protective Case and Heat Spreader solution for the DC2M17 Driver/Controller Module. It can be (optionally) added to the DC2M17 and a NEMA17 motor using simple tools,

  • Case provides protection for heavy-duty operation
  • Attaches directly to standard NEMA17 step motors, via motor case screws
  • Provides heat-sinking capability to remove heat from internal electronics
    • allows the DC2M17 to drive 33% more peak current output (2A) than without the case
    • includes thermal interface material; ready to install
  • Manufactured in 6061 aluminum, and anodized black for maximum heat radiation and protection
  • A lightpipe built into the top surface allows the status indicator on the DC2M17 to be clearly visible 


Technical Information

 DC2M17 Case datasheet  PDF icon 

DC2M17 case only


DC2M17 case


shown attached to DC2M17 and NEMA17 motor